About CNTweb

CNTweb Internet Services is a privately held, Colorado-based Internet services provider founded in 1994. It is a wholely owned subsidiary of Colorado New Technologies LLC.

Since its inception, Colorado New Technologies has provided technology consulting, design, and implementation, primarily in the residential, small business, and non-profit/educational sectors. Initially focused on PC builds and services, the organization quickly moved to server administration, network management, and infrastructure services.

CNTweb has its origins in the modem-based computer bulletin board services (BBS) of the late 1980s/early 1990s. In 1994, CNTweb (then called CONTECH) was a free BBS connected to FidoNet and SNUFNet. The BBS provided free software download services, message boards, and electronic mail via a gateway to the early Internet. By 1996, modem-based bulletin boards were quickly becoming extinct and CONTECH discontinued the service.

In 1999, CONTECH was re-invented under the name CNTweb and the BBS systems were abandoned in favor of Internet services. Email hosting, web hosting, and dial-up Internet access were the primary products.

Today, CNTweb continues to offer a variety of Internet products to a growing customer-base. We are proud that many of our current customers have been faithful and loyal consumers of our products for over a decade!

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