PHP 5.6 Deprecated; PHP 7.3 Added

As of today, all PHP sites have moved to PHP 7.1 or above and PHP 5.6 (which has been deprecated since December 31, 2018) has been removed.  PHP 7.3 has been added.

22nd Jun 2019
Enterprise Mail Servers Update

We have run two weeks on the new versions of the enterprise mail server software and it has not been entirely flawless.  We have opened up several support tickets with the vendor to fix issues, mostly on the administrator side of the application.  As with any major version upgrade, there are bound to be issues and it doesn't help when we were ... read more... »

30th Dec 2018
New Hosting Package Features and Descriptions

Our web hosting package features and descriptions have been enhanced to better identify what is contained within each package.  We have brought back SmarterStats enterprise analytics as an included feature of all standard-level packages.  There will no longer be an additional charge for SmarterStats for standard account holders (on one site -- ... read more... »

15th Dec 2018
Enterprise Mail Servers Upgrade

Overnight on Saturday, December 15th, CNTweb intends to upgrade our enterprise mail servers from SmarterMail v15 to SmarterMail v17, which was recently released.  We made the decision last year when v16 came out to not upgrade due to a variety of complaints from other SM admins.  v15 was the last SM version on its original code base and v16 ... read more... »

14th Dec 2018
SSL for all!

Over the last month, CNTweb has obtained SSL encryption certificates for EVERY domain and sub-domain that we host.  We installed all of those certificates and have also forced encryption for the admin dashboard of all WordPress sites we host.  This means your WordPress logins and activities within the dashboard are now automatically encrypted, ... read more... »

23rd Oct 2016
Web Site Email 101

Our web site owners should review the new knowledgebase article addressing web site email and fixing the most common problems with undeliverable site-generated email.  View the article at

9th Apr 2016

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