Privacy Policy

CNTweb Privacy Policy
Revised 02/08/2012

Information Collected

1.1 All Internet transmissions are logged and traceable.

1.2 Virtually all web sites collect data on site visits, including the IP address, browser and operating system type, etc.

1.3 In addition to the generic data collected from site visits, CNTweb collects personal and identifying information from our clients for billing, administration, and support functions in association with our agreement to provide you requested services.


Information Disclosure

2.1 Information collected by CNTweb is held as confidential and protected against unintended access or release by anyone other than CNTweb staff, agents, or the client.

2.2 Information in our client files is not released to third parties unless otherwise specified in the terms of service or by court order or rule of law.

2.3 Information we collect may be cross-checked against various databases for verification. Such verification is not considered a disclosure.


General Warning

3.1 Users are reminded that unencrypted transmissions, including email, are not secure and may be intercepted by third parties.

3.2 HIPAA and other regulations may prohibit the unsecured transmission of certain data. It is your responsibility to secure transmissions or assure unencrypted content is devoid of sensitive information.


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