Increased Spam (In Progress)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting System - Enterprise Email
  • We are aware of an increase in a very specific type of spam that is not being caught by any of our automated processes.  This affects a very limited number of customers.  The basic pattern is these messages typically come in only Monday through Friday during normal business hours in the USA.  By mid-afternoon, most of the anti-spam tools have caught on to the spammers and the incoming messages will start receiving scores and getting moved to Junk Email or deleted.  The next day, the spammers start over with fresh IP addresses and domain names and the cycle continues.  CNTweb staff have manually blocked 6000+ IP addresses and domain names used by these groups since mid-December 2018.  Obviously, this only prevents future reception of spam sent from either the IP or domain.  We continue to work with our vendors to find a faster response to this daily ritual.  A prior verison of SmarterMail provided a tool that was somewhat effective at blocking this type of messaging but that tool has been removed.  Right now the only permanent solution is for the affected users to change their email addresses.

  • Date - 12/16/2018 00:00
  • Last Updated - 06/22/2019 20:11

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