Service Level Agreement

CNTweb Service Level Agreement
Revised 02/05/2012


1.1 "Uptime" is the total amount of time during a calendar month that a service is available through the Internet, as expressed in a percentage.

1.2 "Outage" is 100% packet loss to the affected service from multiple geographic areas and multiple backbone providers.

1.3 "Scheduled Event" is a single maintenance window announced at least 72 hours in advance with an outage duration of under 15 minutes.

1.4 "Available" is anything contrary to an outage or scheduled event.



2.1 For all high-availability services, we guarantee 100% uptime.

2.2 For all other services, we guarantee 99.99% uptime.



3.1 CNTweb is not responsible for outages that occur outside of our networks. This includes an outage of your own Internet service provider, transit backbones, or other disruptions not directly related to our networks and equipment.

3.2 A single scheduled event affecting the service during any calendar month.



4.1 You will be credited up to a full calendar month of service for any violation of the SLA.

4.2 There is no cash value to an SLA credit.

4.3 An SLA credit will never exceed the actual amount you paid for the month's service.

4.4 If your account is past due, you are not eligible for a credit.

4.5 Credit is based on the following percentages:

  • 99.99% - 100% uptime = 0% credit
  • 99.90% - 99.98% uptime = 25% credit
  • 99.00% - 99.89% uptime = 50% credit
  • 0.00% - 98.99% uptime = 100% credit

Maintenance Windows:

5.1 Maintenance windows are often of extended durations, such as 2-4 hours. A window is a period of time in which the maintenance is planned to occur. However, with the number of customers and systems involved, we cannot provide a specific time for each client.

5.2 During maintenance windows, we may seamlessly transfer the service to other hardware in order to prevent an actual outage.

5.3 An outage only occurs as defined above and for the amount of time your service is not available. For example, a 2-hour maintenance window in which your service is disrupted for 5 minutes is not a violation of the SLA.


SLA Complaints:

6.1 If a credit is not automatically applied to your account (as would be the case in a mass outage), you must request the credit by opening a support ticket within 7 days of the end of the outage. Failure to open a ticket within this time may result in forfeiture of any credit due.

6.2 If you dispute the amount of the credit or a finding that there was no outage, you must submit documentation supporting your claim. This will include verifiable confirmation of both an outage and the length of the outage from at least two geographically different locations utilizing at least two separate backbone providers. This is the same standard used by CNTweb and the standard to which you will be held.


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